Photo Credit: Edmonton Oilers

Report: The Todd McFarlane jerseys are coming back with a twist

This afternoon on The Oil Stream, Tom Gazzola broke some news that has jersey nerds excited when he revealed that the Edmonton Oilers will be bringing back the Todd McFarlane gear jerseys for next season albeit with a twist.

While it’s no surprise to hear that the NHL will be launching a new lot of jerseys to try and encourage more merch sales ahead of the 2022-23 campaign, what is new is hearing that the Edmonton Oilers will be bringing back an old classic that we haven’t seen in 20 years. According to Gazzola, the team will be dusting off the Todd McFarlane gear design from back in the early 2000s as the club’s third option and will be giving it an update with some new colours.

“The NHL is reintroducing the reverse retro program next season. Look for the Oilers to bring back the Todd McFarlane jersey with a new colour twist to it. The oil gear will be returning next year, and it sounds like it will have a renewed look and some new colours.

Even though I haven’t seen the design yet, I’m already excited about Tom’s news because I think it’s time to try something different and this new/old setup will provide Oilers fans with a different flavour of jersey design than anything we’ve had recently. If you remember, the Todd McFarlane jersey was unveiled on October 26th, 2001, and the fanbase was very much split on whether or not we liked having a jersey that got away from the classic logo, but I think with some time and a fresh colour scheme that this thing will really pop.

On my side of the fence, I appreciate having a different look for the third jerseys and rather than going back to the logo we all know and love, I like that the team is going with something different. Depending on what colours they choose, I actually think this design will sell a tonne and I’ll be waiting with eager anticipation for when it’s officially revealed and put on sale because I think having something different from time to time is exactly what we need around here. What do you think?

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